Week Two Recap

The second week of programming was filled with exciting work with the students, and programming for the border installation and simultaneous exhibitions.  We divided our twenty students into “Littles,” and “Bigs,” in order to better connect with and serve their interests.

Littles, like Carla, Carlos, Siria, and Rosa Lizeth (nick-named Rolis by Claudia), all created super-hero projects, in which they wrote stories, and made costumes for their super heroes. Javier made his grandmother, Doña Ramona, into a Super Abuela.  Carlos made himself into the superhero Priestman, (pronounced Pryste-e-man), to combat injustice. All of the heroes came from critical analysis of their worlds, and the way they wanted their worlds to be.

Bigs, like Alejandra, Daniel, Nayeli, and Angelica, took the same type of critical analysis to explore their real world heroes. Through conversations about their photographic interests and the heroes around them, they developed bodies of work around the same theme, and deeply explored their own creative voices. Alejandra did a portrait lineage of the women in her family: from her grandmother, to her disappeared mother, to herself, down to her daughter Evelyn. Nayeli used the color red to tie together images of her family, and her hero: her mother Mari.

At the end of the week, we connected our Bigs and Littles with children in El Paso through an introductory FaceTime session.


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